The first two terms of the 2012/2013 academic session of the Nigerian Law School have come with quite a stomachful. Not exactly a place for the faint-hearted. Life out there could be likened to a gladiator’s ludus, with its accompanying rigours and enerviating routines. From the grueling lectures where the volume of lecturers’ input is an issue of debate, brain-racking drafts, tasking group meetings and sacrificed hours of sleep, to the cuisines varying in quality, weekend hangouts and amorous partnerships formed left and right, the experience has been one to remember, if not relish.

It is said that pictures speak a thousand words, and it is only right that  photographs be taken for a range of purposes, be it to show off the quality of linen, or to mark events, or to reflect moods, or celebrate bonds, or simply decide to treat oneself to the flashlight out of boredom. This is how it is done in Augustine Nnamani Campus, Agbani, Nkanu West LGA, Enugu State……..

The Entrance

The Entrance

The Entrance

Early Days………


Early Days

Early Days

We are instructed, nay, forced, to file out to the classroom in our corporate attire, and by that  I mean a white shirt (or blouse) and a black trouser (or skirt). Some take it up a notch by wearing dark suits (or coats as the case may be), though it’s safe to wonder how they cope judging from the tropical conditions we have to cope with. This is how you’ll usually find us between the hours of 8am and 1pm on a weekday………..

School Day

School Day

Mz Brown Eyez IMG-20130308-00035 Tracy N.K odekino IMG01690-20130220-0954 IMG01689-20130219-1043 IMG01675-20130213-0755 IMG01559-20130128-0758 IMG01378-20121218-0756 IMG01273-20121128-0852 Bema & Alice IMG01241-20121120-0739 IMG01249-20121120-0900

Well it’s not all sober when it comes to the weekly apparel. Students are allowed to wear native attire on Fridays, and any break from the conventional black and white is very much welcome. Here is what these aspiring lawyers do with that freedom…….

juliet IMG01954-20130419-1030 IMG01957-20130419-1032 IMG01959-20130419-1033 Traycee _olubukola IMG01413-20130111-0729 IMG01417-20130111-0732 IMG01421-20130111-0733 IMG-20130111-00171 IMG01362-20121214-0807 IMG01302-20121207-0719 IMG01307-20121207-0721 IMG01310-20121207-0800 IMG01255-20121123-0857 IMG01258-20121123-1147

A quick peep at Enugu’s cuisine, in the meantime…….

calabar kitchen

It’s impossible to cheat nature, and sometimes the human body has no choice but to react to fatigue and/or boredom……..”guy, school hard abeg!”

Screen_20130313_120553 IMG01368-20121214-1224

As part of the Nigerian Law School calendar, there are three dinners one must partake in before donning that wig and gown, two in the middle of all the academic work, and the last at the Call To Bar ceremony. While we await the third, this was how we lived through the first two……

kcee n dumdum IMG-20130318-00696 Chimme + Nkesi IMG-20130318-00164 IMG-20130318-00167 IMG01806-20130318-1806 IMG01813-20130318-1808 IMG01818-20130318-1825 Gbanja__ IMG01343-20121210-1658

The Nigerian Law School was never meant to be a seminary or pseudo-penitentiary. There is a an age-long saying about the results of ”all work and no play”, and whether it’s a shopping spree, a wedding, a birthday celebration, a club hangout or a photo session, the people here waste no moment in relaxing their nerves……

Bukenzo_m_ IMG01873-20130328-1726 IMG01874-20130328-1745 IMG01877-20130328-1835 IMG-20130323-02038 IMG-20130323-00593 Chizzy IMG01202-20121117-1519 IMG01205-20121117-1519

Pictures have always been a way of celebrating friendships. Here’s a tribute to the bonds that were created (or strengthened) while we struggled with Crown Kitchen and Alhaji Wadata…..

IMG01932-20130416-1026 Enugu-20130328-01020 IMG-20130328-00989 IMG-20130328-00986 IMG-20130308-00034 IMG01669-20130213-0753 IMG01674-20130213-0755 IMG01558-20130128-0758 IMG01415-20130111-0731 IMG01427-20130111-1000 Chime n Kachi IMG01351-20121211-0729 IMG02257-20121209-0906 IMG-20121207-00156 IMG02221-20121203-0731 Enugu lasses owans n nenye IMG01297-20121203-1026 IMG01269-20121128-0850  IMG01259-20121123-1147 Team RSUST Bema & Alice IMG01249-20121120-0900 IMG02063-20121120-0901 IMG01192-20121116-1025

………and yes, some bonds are much stronger than others!

Chimme n Nk IMG01864-20130328-1056 IMG01844-20130323-1426

There you have it for our lives in pictures! Apologies are tendered for any ”notable omissions” in this compilation. But then, I’d love to think that this is my perspective of things, let’s have yours!!