(The following piece is the winning entry from the August Photo Poetry Contest I put out on my Instagram timeline.

Photo credit for Featured Image: Leesi Monseeka Peter)

You said
there are cities in your heart,
each named after

a different part of my body.
There’s sunshine, where love begins,

from my eyes
a million stories;

the city laid out in charming splendour.

Pleasure you called the city

lying within my lips.
Here, we burn for stories,

entangled in passion’s furnace.
These stories we tell, lips to lips.

You called seduction the city

between two mountains,

each rising like a colossus.
You get lost here, going

round and round till

you get to the top.
There’s an eruption building

within these mountains,
each moan of mine announcing

cracks in a mountain of desire.

You’re lost on the trail to the last city.
I feel trembling, fire and electricity;

a vibration barely contained.
The groan starts in my mouth

as you trail down the road to meet your god,
Past the mountain city,
away from the little hollow in my stomach to your destination;

your god lives here.
I am answered prayers;
One by one, in a crescendo, you hear my sighs.
They say amen.

About The Author:

Samuel Ogechukwu is a wanderer among the many pieces he writes and reads. Sometimes he thinks he’s Igwe—a character in one of his stories, brown with dust—with the ability to literally make magic with his pen. Other times, he sees the villain in him, a misunderstood soul. His writings are on some reputable literary blogs and they encourage him to live some more.