Digital storytelling is the art and practice of excellently communicating and conveying content via the use of digital platforms. From written communication to graphic design, from fiction to photography, digital storytelling involves the nuances, techniques and processes of effectively passing a coherent, engaging and relevant message through digital media.

This creative workshop, tagged "A Practical Guide To Digital Storytelling", intends to bridge the gap. The aim of this workshop is not only to educate working class individuals and aspiring creatives on how to master the art of written communication and articulate their points excellently in written conversation, but also to guide them in telling their personal stories, contributing to the culture, igniting their creativity and developing their personal brand.

For two days, fifty writers will have the opportunity to learn various aspects and forms of writing to better their craft. The Digital Storytelling Workshop presents an opportunity for working class individuals, aspiring writers and creatives who wish to expand their skill set, to mingle while engaging in a workshop that is practical as it is entertaining.