I don’t know how

to pour myself to you
I don’t know if you can

accept these bits and pieces
I’m like a vessel whose

shards are all over the place,
tiny bits yanked off,

rejected, forlorn.

I hope to find love from you
but I don’t want to

burden you much
I don’t want to weigh you down

with the thoughts

that race in my mind
for I nurse the fear

that they will scare you away.

You tell me to

bring it all out

but are you ready?
Are you willing to tune

into the fluctuating

frequencies of emotion

that invade my soul

and sometimes leave me trembling?

You never know

how far you’ve gone,
until you turn back,
you never know how far you’ve fallen till you hit the floor .

But I wish to love you

with every bit

of this broken vessel
I wish my love to

consume and fill our hearts

that boast of varying temperatures
turning our breath to

passions of defined rage,

for the time wasted,

for the days I left you waiting.

Darling, I don’t know

what to think
for you consume my mind and
I’m afraid I’m cleaved to you,

even, against my will
But I will love you
with the love that trembles and calms
with the love

that I hope transcends generations
I’ll love you

tonight and every hour following.

About the Author :

Onyinye Nwafor is an aspiring Medical Laboratory Scientist who lives in the highlands of Enugu, South Eastern Nigeria. She is shy about sending out her writings because she doesn’t want to “take up the tortuous lifestyle that is being a creative.” A lover of spaghetti and Irish potatoes, Onyinye hopes to travel around the continent someday. She is currently recovering from Philophobia.