(So last week I hosted a small photo poetry contest on my Instagram timeline – by the way, follow me @j_chiemeke – with Passion as the desired theme in terms of what I expected from intending participants. Feedback was decent, and after multiple reviews of entries, I made a decision on the top three.

The poem below emerged second runner-up.)


Like the rain wets the unsuspecting ground,
and death over takes its unsuspecting victims,
so your Love
has captured my unsuspecting heart,
I was free as a butterfly,
But now I am enslaved, captured,
and now,
A prisoner is what my heart

is to your Love.

Now it is dark and chilly

in the crevices of my soul,
I feel isolated from Freedom,
but you are my vision,

cancelling out the darkest

shadows with your love
my light and warmth.
So I hold on tight

when the candles flicker out,
and even when you

start to absent yourself from

the sweetest part of my dreams

and turn your back to me

revealing impervious frost
Hope makes me numb to the pain

for I still see what met my eyes

under the almond tree that late July evening

when tongues crashed into lower lips.

About The Author:

Victoria Chimereucheya Christopher, born in Imo State, Nigeria, loves to refer to herself as a post-pubescent human who currently enjoys a romantic relationship with words. A hopeless romantic of sorts, Her craft can be accessed via her Instagram page @the_b.l.u.e.h.e.a.r.t