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I crave you.
In ways that

shouldn’t be spoken of, but I must.
You always ask me.
When you dip your head

down the arch of my spine and

run your lips across my skin, bringing bliss.
You raise your head when I shiver

and ask me.
When you feast on my shoulders

and leave trails of your lips behind, you ask me.

I have a confession,

there are things I haven’t told you.
When you grasp my neck,

with your fingers grazing

the edges of my ears, tilting my face up for a kiss,

I lose my wits.
When your eyes flutter shut

and your toes curl,

I feel an ethereal sense of pride

in knowing that I am at fault.
But I’ll never

tell you these things.

Wait, I think I just did.

About the Author :

Adeola Akande is a writer and content curator. Currently pursuing a degree in Social Works at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, she is always quick to profess her love for reading and music. Adeola goes by the pen name @_theAvril, a title that runs across her social media platforms.